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Corona Hygiene Concept for the Esplanade

The health of our guests is important to us.

Especially in times of Corona we watch out for our guests as they profit from an extensive hygiene concept.

Corona concept contents [German PDF]


Hygiene in our rooms

Surfaces and laundry

  • Upon arrival each guest recieves a disinfected room card.
  • For a change of rooms all surfaces of tables, bedside tables, chairs, remote controls, door handles etc. will be disinfected.
  • The hotel laundry is washed after each guest change.
  • With every change of room the laundry of the room and the bathroom is changed including unused bed linen or towels.

Room air

  • All rooms are equipped with manually opened large windows for ventilation.
  • On departure each guest is asked to open the windows before the housekeeping staff enters the room.
  • The housekeeping staff keeps the windows wide opened while room cleaning and disinfection.
  • About 50 percent of the rooms face the inner courtyrad so that windows can be kept open at night.
  • The modern air conditioning systems ensure continuous air exchange / fresh air supply from outside.
  • Upon request the air conditioning can be switched off so that the room is ventilated exclusively through the window.


Hygiene measures of the employees

Basic information

  • Our employees receive extensive and up-to-date training on the protective measures against Covid-19.
  • All employees measure their temperature before they start work and stay at home if the temperature is increased.
  • In case of coughing or respiratory problems, the employees stay at home or consult a doctor.
  • Each employee brings their own pens for writing to avoid contact points.
  • Before work starts the employees wash their hands and disinfect them at the hotel entrance.

At the workplace

  • In the hotel the employees keep a distance of at least 1.5 - 2.0 m between themselves and to guests.
  • All employees wear a freshly washed respirator mask.
  • The respirator mask is worn in meetings, in the bistro and for housekeeping.
  • At the reception there is a plexiglass window. Mouth and nose protection is not required behind it.
  • All employees wash their hands thoroughly and multiple times a day.
  • If guests wish to pay with cash the employees disinfect their hands immediately afterwards.
  • Objects such as pens and bottles are not exchanged to avoid contact points.
  • Hands are washed and disinfected after using shared kettles, refrigerators etc.
  • Meetings of employees take place only to a very limited extent and according to distance and hygiene rules.


Hygiene in all premises


  • Throughout the hotel there are signs and markings to keep a distance of at least 1.5 - 2.0 m.
  • When entering the hotel all guests disinfect their hands using the disinfectant dispenser provided at the entrance.
  • All arriving guests will receive the information brochure with our protective measures against Covid-19.
  • Each guest is given a mouth and nose protector and a disinfectant upon arrival.
  • If the guest disregards the rules of hygiene and distance and therefore endangers other guests, the hotel staff has the right to expel the guest.

Examples of individual measures

  • Only one person or the members of a household may use the passenger elevator.
  • The buttons in the passenger elevator are regularly disinfected by the employees.
  • Use of the fitness room only by one person and after registration, so that it can be disinfected immediately afterwards.
  • Disinfectant dispensers are available for guests at many places in the hotel.

Conference participants

Hygiene in the conference area

Flexible solutions including video conferencing system

  • Each conference participant must have a fixed seat and needs to provide personal data (first name and surname, address and date of birth). These data will be passed on to the relevant office in case of a suspicion of Covid-19.
  • Consequently, there is a fixed seating plan, but participants can meet without a 1.5 metre distance and mouth and nose protection. The data will be properly shredded after 14 days.
  • Fresh air supply in all conference rooms through continuous ventilation.
  • Using the video conference system the guest can alternatively participate from the hotel room.
  • The break rooms are occupied one after the other - not simultaneously.
  • The inner courtyard is also included in the conference planning as a green oasis.


Hygiene measures in the kitchen

Basic information

  • The kitchen door opens electrically.
  • In the hotel kitchen all employees wear a mouth and nose protector.
  • Hands are washed or disinfected between operations.
  • The work clothes of all employees are washed daily.
  • Only one employee works in each work area of the kitchen.
  • Class A gloves are worn during food preparation.
  • Freshly rinsed dishes from the dishwasher will be put away as soon as possible.
  • External persons, such as vendors, may only bring the goods to the vendor receipt. If this is not possible, the rules of the hotel apply.
  • The employees of the Hotel Esplanade are permanently employed and not seasonal workers.

Hygiene measures in the bistro

Seating arrangement

  • The bistro capacity was reduced by 50 percent to ensure the safety distance.
  • The table arrangement regulates a distance between the guests of at least 1.5 m.
  • When entering the bistro, guests wear a mouth and nose protector.
  • Service employees wear a mouth and nose protector at all times.
  • The guests are guided to their seat by a member of staff.

Room air and surfaces

  • The room air in the bistro is kept fresh by frequent ventilation.
  • If possible, the windows in the bistro are continuously tilted.
  • No table linen is used.
  • Every table and chair is completely disinfected after leaving.
  • If possible, the green inner courtyard is to be used.
  • Coffee machines and vending machines are often disinfected.

Adjustment of supply

  • The regulations can change daily by the state of NRW. We ask for your understanding.

Simply request our complete corona hygiene concept by e-mail!

E-mail: hotel(at)esplanade-dortmund.de

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