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Our mission statement

We are a family business.
We are different - we are unique - we are connected.
120 years of company history can be felt and experienced here.

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Team Esplanade and the Kortmann family are honest. We are honest with each other, but also with the guests. We want to say that we want to be able to criticize. We do not want to be afraid of each other. Making mistakes is part of life and admitting mistakes too. We learn from our mistakes to keep evolving. We encourage the courage to be honest. We want to create transparency - we all want to be on the same level of knowledge.


Team Esplanade and the Kortmann family are personal and individual – the happiness of each individual is our focus. This applies to guests and employees alike. We have no rigid communication guidelines. Everyone should be what he is. Everyone is welcome to speak to the guest, to talk to him as he pleases, to suit his character, his life. The employee is free and allowed to be creative. With us the guest is treated individually, he decides with the entrance, to be part of this family. We are there for our guests.


Team Esplanade and the Kortmann family are warm and empathetic. We value the others and us. Appreciation means that we are loyal to our team.

We support each other, respect the others and perceive them as human beings. We talk to each other when we are not feeling well. We take care of our guests when they are not feeling well. It fills us with support for others – creating added value. We train refugees, are an inclusive business and enable gainful employment after retirement.

Our team is paid fairly – overtime pay or compensation is standard for us as well as good working conditions. With us you sleep in a room that has been cleaned with love and commitment. Each employee has half an hour per room for cleaning – twice as much time as elsewhere. In this way we guarantee pleasant working conditions for our team and an optimal result for you as a guest.

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